Brazil and the crazy World Cup

It’s staggering to be in Brazil during the World Cup. However, it’s even more exciting when abroad. Just far away from my place I was able to realize how is this event and this sport rooted in our heart and mind.

Brazil is a place far from safe, where a teenager genocide is a fact, and where the political situation is chaotic.

Although, arguably it’s a place in which you can find the best hug, friends, human warmth and beyond a shadow of a doubt, the best memes.

Futebol, soccer ou football is a sport that we take up since we learn how to walk. Being a moment to relax, gather the family, hang out with friends, it’s one of the most democratic sports.

Everything is a ball

Since a kneaded soda can, until anything that rolls, I’ve seen everyone crazy in kick, dribble and lob.

Brazil is just like many other Latin American countries, tough life conditions in at least more than 70% of population. Not only are us bounded in a corruptive government, but also we’re submerged in individual needs. No, I’ve never believed that the politicians are different from the citizens who had democratically elected them. Yes, everyone needs to change.

Despite all these problems, it’s impossible deny that I believe in our change, I believe in my people, and undoubtedly I believe that this cup belongs to us, and will always do. #VaiBrasil 🇧🇷

First post in English. Please, be nice.


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